Health, Safety & Environment Policy : : SMSPL

The key focus in a BMW facility is in terms of occupational safety and health as the employees dealing with infectious wastes with potential for cross contamination and/or infection. Sangam Mediserve Pvt. Ltd. takes the following steps to ensure that the occupational health is protected:

  • While Transportation, the collection personnel shall wear gloves, masks, rubber gum boots
  • While unloading the same PPE shall be used.
  • While loading the wastes into incinerators, the staff shall wear helmet, goggles, masks, asbestos temperature resistant gloves, and boots.
  • While segregation, they shall ensure protection from needle pricking and shall use hard gloves.
  • Any needle stick injury shall be attended to immediately; they shall thoroughly wash the injured area using soap/ detergent and then apply disinfectant to the area. Further to this they shall get checked up for infections.
  • Health check-up and vaccinations will be done as per standard prescribed by health Department and records maintained.